Three Steps to Continue Your Fitness Resolution


New Year's is all about resolutions, and plans to get back in shape top the chart. But as January rolls into February and beyond, it can be hard to keep up your practice. The following "Know it. Nourish it. Move it." philosophy from Life Time, Inc. can help.

Know it. Achieving fitness goals is more than just logging hours in a gym. Nutrition, stress, sleep and recovery all play a critical role. Understanding how your body works and what it needs is a critical step in getting you where you want to go. Another key step? Identifying the right goal. Ninety-two percent of New Year's resolutions fail. Why? People don't set clear, actionable goals that they can turn into commitments.

Nourish it. No health- or fitness-related goal can be achieved without properly fueling your body and understanding what kind of nutrients you need – and don't need. If you're not sure you're getting the right nourishment in your diet, or what foods don't work for you, it's crucial to meet with a professional who can help you understand how to best nourish your body. 

Move it. Sweat equity still counts. It's easy to pick a number you want to see on the scale, but it's also easy to get derailed if you're not seeing results right away or you're bored by your workouts. The right motivation will propel you forward and silence the barriers between you and success.

Source: Life Time, Inc.